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Yayasan Bina Usaha Lingkungan (YBUL) is a non-profit organization situated in Jakarta that provides business solutions in addressing environmental and socio-economic challenges through accelerating the role of the private sector and communities.

YBUL works with a variety of partners throughout Indonesia in promoting and implementing programs in renewable energy, CDM and community based environmentally friendly small and medium sized business (SMEs) empowerment through education and capacity building, studies, policy advocacy as well as access to microfinance and link SMEs to technology, market and financial access, particularly focused on rural communities.

After more than 15 years of experience in these fields, YBUL has successfully developed a broad range of expertise. With a solid and long time experience in rural and renewable energy as well as Clean Development Mechanism,

YBUL commits itself to accelerate justice in energy through the following programs:

Community-based Rural Electrification

Community Empowerment

Environmental Financing Mechanism

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

Green Energy Development

Community-based rural electrification

In the next five years, YBUL plans to promote community based rural electrification in 500 villages using various non-fossil energy resources such as solar, water and wind. For example, presently YBUL helps to build a demonstration plot on piko-hydro systems (4.5kW) in Ciderum village (Bogor), using an environmental services approach  that integrates forest conservation and alternative energy development. To accelerate replication, YBUL will promote community movement rather than a development project approach . On-the-shelve packages of scientifically proven pik-hydro machines will be developed and promoted for communities’ who has the ability to afford it.

Community Empowerment

YBUL has empowered and will continue to empower local communities in promoting renewable energy development and other livelihood related sectors by:

  • Supporting local renewable energy utilization for rural electrification, through technology provision, service center (PV panel, micro-hydro, biogas, etc) along with local capacity building.
  • Supporting income generating activities through  electricity provision, capacity building and access to micro financing.

Previous experiences include:

  • Collaboration with the International Organization on Migration (IOM) in implementing a community-led development project planning
  • Implementation and monitoring of livelihood development projects for post-conflict communities in kabupatens Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah.

Environmental Financing Mechanism

YBUL will help to develop alternative environmental financing mechanisms to support implementation of environmental programs carried out by Indonesian Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s). YBUL will also provide micro credits to assist communities in obtaining renewable energy sources.
YBUL’s past experiences include:

  • collaboration with European Union and PT. Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) in implementing various activities in micro financing schemes ranging from policy studies to capacity building for local cooperatives.

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)

CDM is an arrangement under the Kyoto Protocol allowing industrialised countries with a greenhouse gas reduction commitment to invest in emission reducing projects in developing countries as an alternative to what is generally considered more costly emission reductions in their own countries.

YBULs long and solid experiences in providing technical assistance on CDM will continue. That includes:

  • Increasing people awareness at early stage regarding global impact of climate change
  • Training and information dissemination about various emission reduction activities which are easy to understand and to apply within daily lives
  • Organizing training for private companies
  • Conducting policy and field studies
  • Developing project design documents.

New CDM related projects will be developed, which include fossil fuel substitution though working with local governments and private institutions, e.g. conversion of agriculture wastes and composting of municipal wastes to help reduce green house gas emission, as well as providing training programs on climatec hange for all different society levels.

On CDM YBUL provide services such as, but not limited to:

  • Capacity Building for local private and public organizations(in-house training, workshop etc);

  • PINs and PDDs development

  • Feasibility Study

  • Business Matching

Green Energy Development

YBUL plans to assist implementation and improvement of existing programs on alternative green energy development at community scale, aiming to find solutions for fossil fuel substitution at household level. Activities include working with communities to develop pilot projects for energy generation based on locally available plants or agricultural produces as: jatropha curcas, cocos nucifera, ricinus communis, nypa fruticans and others.

  • Development of green energy (biomass) through technology provision, research and green energy training program as part of local community facilitation. Local community involvement not only as end-user but also as green energy producer




Welcome to our website,

YBUL is a non-profit organization in Jakarta, established in 1993.

YBUL promotes community-based renewable energy development through collaborations and innovative solutions.

YBUL is experienced and specialized in promoting and implementing programs in:

Rural Electrification - Community Empowerment - Environmental Financing Mechanism - Clean Development Mechanism - Green Energy Development

More information? Please contact us by email ybul@ybul.or.id or phone: +62 21 720 6125


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