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Since its establishment in 1993, YBUL is building its expertise by conducting a broad range of programs, including:

The Biomass Energy System & Technology Project (BEST) - Dec.1996 - 1997, USAID program - Clean Development and Green Energy Development project, aimed to increase awareness of renewable energy through a bottom up approach by demonstrating viability of renewable energy projects.

NGO Renewable Energy Initiatives - Sept. 1996 - Aug. 1999, USAID program. - Community Empowerment & Rural Electrification Program to promote the enactment of renewable energy policy through bottom up approach demonstrating viability of renewable energy projects & promotion of the commercialization of hydropower projects for rural communities and facilitating financing for renewable projects.

Leader with Associates (LWA) - Feb. 2000 - Sept. 2004, Winrock International program. - Addressing barriers to renewable energy in Indonesia, particularly at local community level and with regional governments, increase awareness about renewable energy technologies, increase knowledge of renewable resource potential for improving the local people’s access to electricity, identify and support project development, and serve as a training platform on renewable energy for operators, regional governments and local entities.

GVEP Asia - Feb. 2005 - Jun. 2005 - Policy and finance related project in the field of community empowerment and rural electrification aimed to facilitate a policy dialogue with local government officials and GVEP partners with the purpose of integrating energy services in poverty reduction strategies and other instruments of economic development planning.

FDI In Indonesia Project: Reducing Global GHG emissions and fostering local sustainable development - May 2004 - Nov. 2006, USAID program. - Project involves the application of renewable energy technology through CDM: organizing capacity building workshops for Indonesian project proponents and developing an emission reduction projects preparation handbook.

Capacity Building for CDM in Indonesia - Oct. 2003 - Mar. 2008, IGES. - Project involved organizing capacity building on Clean Development Mechanism to increase the awareness and capacity of businesses on CDM schemes and procedures. Additionally, it involved assisting IGES in effective implementation of CDM by identifying CDM project ideas in preparation for PDD (Project Design Documents).

Monitoring & Evaluating South South North - Mar. 2002 to Dec. 2008, HELIO International program - This project involved monitoring and evaluating the SSN and project owner of mitigation or adaptation projects in Indonesia. (www.southsouthnorth.org)

Indonesia-EU Partnership and Institutional Capacity Buillding on Micro Finance - 2005-2008, funded by the European Commission as part of its Asia Invest ALLIANCE program - YBUL is partnering with EPE and supported by PT Permodalan Nasional Madani and Bina Swadaya. - The overall objective of the project is participating in promoting the growth of pro-poor micro finance institutions (MFIs) through the formulation and introduction of new micro financial schemes that provide economically active poor with greater and better access to the financing of their income generating activities.

The project addresses several key issues: (1) Promotion of policy and regulatory reforms that will enable the growth of pro-poor MFIs, (2) formulating and introducing new micro financial schemes and instruments that promote greater and better access to credit for economically active poor (3) Formulating and introducing a platform for the development of credit guarantee fund that would further promote the growth of pro-poor MFIs In addition, the project also seek to explore, develop and promote the launching of Indonesia-EU partnership initiatives related to sustainable trade, sustainable investment and Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), targeting the poor, by supporting the access to micro-finance backed up with guarantee funds.

Technical Assist ance BAPPENAS/UNDP on Climate Change Policy and Programming - Nov. 2008 - Dec. 2008 - YBULs provided key technical input for the publication of “Moving forwards towards pro-poor renewable energy” by facilitating a focus group discussion of key stakeholders on the future of renewable energy development.

Sustainable Energy Services for Poverty Alleviation - Sept. 2007 - Dec. 2009, EU program. - Overview of policy documents concerning energy, rural development, rural financing and SME sectors, developing Solar PV design & installation toolkit, end user operation and maintenance manual, conducting local pilot training courses in solar energy basics and capacity building in solar systems, maintenance and performance.

RENDEV Project - Jan. 2007 - Dec. 2009, Planet Finance/It Power/Transénergie/RENDEV/Intelligent Energy Europe - The project involved conducting a national conference workshop on Solar PV development in Indonesia, quantification of regional development potentials, preparing market feasibility for Indonesia in order to improve widely equipment applications and financial model design for solar PV development and local Solar PV Training in Oehala, Kupang, Lebak, Bogor and Lampung.

PDD Preparations for CDM - 2007 - 2010 - Including Project Design Documents ( PDD) Preparation for CDM of PT. Master Steel Mfg. Jakarta. & for PT. Cabot Indonesia, Preparation of PDDs for CDM concerning the composting product of PT. Arthanimas, PDD development support in collaboration with IGES.


For further information on these and/or other past programs, please contact us by email ybul@ybul.or.id



Welcome to our website,

YBUL is a non-profit organization in Jakarta, established in 1993.

YBUL promotes community-based renewable energy development through collaborations and innovative solutions.

YBUL is experienced and specialized in promoting and implementing programs in:

Rural Electrification - Community Empowerment - Environmental Financing Mechanism - Clean Development Mechanism - Green Energy Development

More information? Please contact us by email ybul@ybul.or.id or phone: +62 21 720 6125


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