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Menempuh Langkah Meraih Harapan, “Menuju Masyarakat Desa Sejahtera”

(Taking Steps to Achieve Expectations, "Towards a Prosperous Village Community")

Published by YBUL with support from the Ford Foundation, 2007
Steering: Yani Witjaksono
Preface: Siswono Yudhohusodo
Authors: Hardjono Purwandono
Editors: Ngarto Februana

ISBN: 978-979-99157-1-9


Manual Sumber Raya Masyarakat, Kabupaten Aceh Tengah & Kabupaten Bener Meriah

(Greater Community Resources Manual Central Aceh Regency & Regency Bener Meriah)

YBUL, IOM and USAID, 2009.
Program Support for Conflict-Affected Communities Project (SCACP)
Steering: Agus Widianto
Authors: Ngarto Februana

Contributors and Research: Agus Widianto, Agus Priyanto, Bening Soegianto, Agung Basuki Dwi Broto, Hardjono Purwandono, and Mathias Ola.

ISBN: 978-979-99157-2-6


Langkah Pembangunan, Pembangkit Listrik Tenaga Mikro Hidro (PLTMH)

(Development Steps in Micro-Hydro Power (MHP))
Jakarta, February 2005

Author: Wibowo Catoer
Team Discussion: Mark Hayton, Chayun Budiono, Kusetiadi Raharja, Gerhard Fischer

Editor: YBUL Team


Mencari Jalan, “Berbagai pendekatan mendorong rakyat dalam pengelolaan sumber daya alam”

(Finding the Way, "Various approaches encourage the people in the management of natural resources")
December 2004

YBUL & Ford Foundation
Introduction: Pramoedya Ananta Toer
Authors: Ahmad Baehaqie, Daru Indriya, Ahmad Widhyanto, Novriyanto, Ruly Bernaputra

Editors: Ngarto Februana
ISBN: 979-99157-0-8


Listrik Ramah Lingkungan, Untuk Kesejahteraan Masyarakat Desa

Catatan Seorang Pendamping Masyarakat
("Environmentally Friendly Electricity, For the Welfare of Village Notes of a community partner)

YBUL & Ford Foundation


Welcome to our website,

YBUL is a non-profit organization in Jakarta, established in 1993.

YBUL promotes community-based renewable energy development through collaborations and innovative solutions.

YBUL is experienced and specialized in promoting and implementing programs in:

Rural Electrification - Community Empowerment - Environmental Financing Mechanism - Clean Development Mechanism - Green Energy Development

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