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Why Agriculture?

Since its conception in 1993, YBUL has been promoting development of renewable energy as its primary focus area.  During the last two years, YBUL has been expanding this mandate to other relevant sectors, e.g. forestry through implementation of the integrated environmental services programs, and agriculture through improving appropriate technology for post harvest processing.

Agriculture sector is very closely related to renewable energy development, and indeed, such an environmentally friendly technology can potentially contribute to improving the quality of agricultural products.  YBUL is very interested in applying its expertise to these kinds of direct assistance to broader communities.

In early May 2010, YBUL has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Perum Perhutani, a parastatal company in forestry located in Majalengka district, on “Development of Non-Timber Products”.

Two of YBUL’s missions in this program: a) promote organic farming systems as a mid-term strategy, and b) assist the agro-forestry farmers within the Perhutani areas through application of appropriate renewable energy technology in improving the agriculture products.  This program will be implemented under a consortium of YBUL, Winrock International, Yayasan Bina Arta, PT. Sahabat Utama Nusantara, and PB. Jambuan of Cirebon.  Wider networking is also being explored to collaborate with one of big US-based coffee producers.

Various innovative approaches are being designed to complement with the existing agricultural practices within the Perhutani areas.  For example, a new organic-based planting system for high grade variety of paddy (menthik-wangi) is being implemented in a small trial scale aimed at producing high quality seeds, and hopefully by the end of this year a fuller scale production of paddy under the present treatment will be harvested as the first result of the program.  More agro-forestry commodities will be planted under an organic farming system.

By Agus Widianto,  Executive Director of YBUL.

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