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COMMUNITY BASED ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION AND MICRO FINANCE DEVELOPMENT (COLLABORATION WITH CHEVRON) - Socialization On Environmental Ed. and Awareness Rising On Eagle Concervation To Local Schools and Communities Cetak
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socialization on environmental ed. and awareness rising on eagle concervation to local schools and communities
training on rabbit breeding and development of rabbit pen
survey of existing electricity generation
loan contract between inkopsyah pnm bmt with bmt kartini and bmt amanah madani
partnership meeting at hotel atlet senayan
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It is certainly important to start early. Awareness sessions to students in a fun and interesting way are essential to build early acknowledgement on environmental issues and conservation needs. It is expected that by having early awareness and regular reinforcement in school and communities, the environmental concerns will internalize as culture as they grow.

The awareness raising to communities is important to inform and introduce Suaka Elang’s existence for eagle conservation, eagle roles in ecosystem and its threat. It also crucial for receiving communities’ acknowledgement on their role and benefits in conserving forest, which holds water for life and are home for a huge variety of species, including eagle. With communities’ acknowledgement, their supports on conservation activities are likely to be strong and sustain.

On 19 May 2010, PSE organized socialization on conservation education to elementary schools in Kecamatan Cigombong, which was held in Raptor Conservation Education Centre in Kampung Loji, Desa Pasir Jaya, Kecamatan Cigombong. Since this event involves participation of most of elementary schools in Cigombong, the implementation was consulted and coordinated with Unit Pelaksana Teknis Kecamatan (UPTK) Dinas Pendidikan Nasional Kecamatan Cigombong. This socialization was attended by approximately 25 teachers and schools principals, the representative from UPTK Cigombong, representative of community leaders of adjacent kampongs, representative of CGS and YBUL. Acknowledging the need of up to date and reliable information on environmental education as well as common responsibility for conservation action, the teachers and UPTK clearly showed their enthusiasm and pledge to support the awareness activity that will be implemented by Suaka Elang. However, some schools were disappointed as disclosed that due to time and financial constrains, the awareness sessions in this phase can only be conducted in 11 elementary schools. It is hoped that in the near future all elementary schools in Cigombong can benefited this activity. In this meeting, it was also agreed that the schedule for implementation and school selection will be done by UPTK Cigombong.







On 16 April 2010, PSE organized socialization to local community, which was held in Raptor Conservation Education Centre in Kampung Loji, Desa Pasir Jaya, Kecamatan Cigombong. This meeting was attended by approximately 39 community members and community leaders from 2 kampongs, Kampung Loji dan Kampung Selong, as well as the officials from local Komando Rayon Militer (Koramil). The objective of this activity is to introduce the existence of Suaka Elang and its activities.

In the discussion session, participants showed high enthusiasm to participate in this Socialization. They hope to get the benefits with the Eagle Sanctuary. Socialization activities also successfully identified a group of people who are willing to supply  eagle’s feed through guinea pig breeding business.



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