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Comparative Study on Animal Husbandry: A comparative study was organized in early August 2010 to bring a group of 9 persons (especially from project community group members) to Stabat (goat farming and organic fertilizer production) and dairy goat breeding in Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra to learn how to raise goats (as well as for dairy purposes), process organic fertilizer from goat’s wastes as well as applying business dimension into the husbandry. The study also established a farmer-to-farmer consultation approach, so that breeders can exchange knowledge and skills.

The group visited Stabat Tisata, a goat farm which produces wool and organic fertilizer, to learn various knowledge and skills on goat dairy farm practices. The relatively high economic value generated from the organic compost (based on goat dung), sold at around Rp 500 – 1000/kg of local organic fertilizer (able to produce around 400 tons/month), has attracted the visiting farmers. The composting technique uses locally available materials as decomposter such as: papaya, pineapple, banana, bamboo shoot, rice water, coconut water, as well as intestines from local slaughter house. The group also visited a dairy goat farm in Pematang Siantar. Business on goat milk could reach a minimum income of Rp 200,000 per day, plus additional income from selling goats.

The brief comparative study has resulted in increased enthusiasm among participants especially in better understanding of the high economic values of goat breeding activities resulted from production of goat milk and organic fertilizer. Another lesson learned was a new insight that farmers need to work together, e.g. in a form of cooperative, to increase their bargaining power and marketing strategy.

Collaboration with Coftea Corner: CLC is initiating a collaboration with a small in size yet big in ideas café, namely: Coftea Corner, located in Ravindo Building, Jakarta. The café is just established by students of a graduate business school who are experimenting a real business. The difference these students are making is the social dimension of coffee business. They are committed to work with CLC in a symbiotic business relationship: CLC is supplying a high grade organic Gayo coffee with moderate price; and Coftea Corner returns an amount of money to CLC as contribution to support the CLC’s operating cost. In addition to this, from every cup of coffee Coftea Corner sells, Rp 100 will be allocated in a certain account and returned directly to coffee farmers as a corporate social responsibility (CSR) account. The scheme is being initiated by YBUL.



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