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YBUL entered a collaboration with the Coca-Cola Foundation Indonesia (CCFI) in implementing an 18 months project on community based sanitation and clean water provision. Started in August 01, 2010 presently the project is in its planning stage. At least six focus group discussions (FGDs) are being held to help community members explore ideas and build consensus on planning and implementation of project activities which include: construction of communal septic tanks and sanitation facilities, clean water provision, and village waste management. On 19 – 20 November 2010, 5th and 6th FGDs were held.

These FGDs were participated by 19 community members and representatives, facilitated by Hendri (project facilitator) and Didin (project field coordinator). Discussions included developing agreed upon plans which consist of: social maps in two sub-villages in Manabaya; possible sites for the communal septic tanks, as well as strategies to effectively obtain clean water from the available water springs. At least three key issues also were discussed: firstly, community members’ behavior in defecating at small streams in the village, which they themselves think needs to be changed. Secondly, provision of clean water through piping systems will bypass one village which is not a project target. Communities fear that this may create social jealousy. Therefore, additional project funds will be needed to cover this village Cimanggung. Third, household wastes are not well managed, a better waste management system is needed.

The facilitators successfully explored community’s needs and obtained agreements on these commonly perceived needs.  Future meetings will be held to involve local government officials.  Presentations by community representatives will be made to convey these issues to local government officials and explored ways to jointly resolve these.


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