Indonesia Energy Facts Print

Energy facts: Rate of Electrification

Current national rate of electrification is recorded as 65% (35.994.654 household) and 35% (19.381.737 household) are without the service of electrification. 80% of the unelectrified household are in rural villages, meaning 15.505.390 household (2010).

Energy facts: Geothermal Energy

Around 40 percent of world’s geothermal resources are located in Indonesia. The active volcanic belt in Indonesia, measuring 7000 km in length and 50-200 km in width distributes geothermal energy resources along the volcanic lines of Sumatra, Java, Bali, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), Northern Sulawesi and Maluku.

Most of geothermal energy resources are located at the base or old caldera area of volcanoes.

Indonesia’s total geothermal energy potential is equivalent to 27,601 MW of electricity. Of this total, 11,135 MW is confirmed as probable reserve, 1,050 MW as possible reserve and 2,288MW as proven reserve. The remaining 13,128 MW are still speculative and hypothetical resources.

Energy facts: Hydro Power

Beside geothermal energy, Indonesia has also hydro power potential of about 75 GW, mini/micro hydro potential of 45 GW, wind energy potential of 9 GW, solar energy potential of 4.8 kWH/m2/day and biomass potential of 49GW electricity equivalent.

Energy Subsidy: fuel and electricity subsidy is still needed due to the relatively low purchasing power of the people and to accelerate economic development.

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